Trials 2: Second Edition

Trials 2: Second Edition 1.8

Motorcycle simulator with racing and stunts
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Race or perform wheelies, flips and other stunts on motorbikes. Enjoy over 51 tracks, unlock 25 achievements and play online with your friends.

Trials 2 Second Edition is not a game that wants to simulate the real motorcycle trials competitions. Thats not a bad thing though. The game has progressed a lot from the first version in terms of graphics as well as tracks. In a nutshell, you are a motorcycle trial's rider and you must complete the obstacle tracks. Your controls consists of the four arrow keys, which control the bike and your inclination on the bike. It's not just racing across the tracks, because they have been designed more as puzzles. You have to really focus on what is next and what kind of speed and angle you must have for the obstacle. The tracks have checkpoints which will help you with the progress, if you go through a checkpoint and then crash, then you will start again from the last checkpoint you went through. There is also a large online community, where you can share your replays and try to beat the global times. Everything with this game is good enough for an entertaining time, though there is little variation in music. With a price of just $ 9.99 it is a good game choice for the patient and skilled.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Fun tracks, good online community


  • Music variation is poor
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